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December 7, 2012 comment

ASP.NET MVC: ValidateInput action filter

ASP.NET MVC: ValidateInput

In ASP.NET MVC, by default all user posted data (i.e. query string params, form element, etc.) are validated for any potential dangerous content (i.e. HTML tag or script) to avoid XSS attacks. But sometime we need to accept such HTML content from user. For e.g. for blog application developed in MVC must allow publisher to post HTML content or sometime we allow user to post HTML comment etc. In such scenario we can use ValidateInput action filter to allow user to post HTML content and to bypass request validation for specific action method.

Attribute Usage: Controller & method

Sample Code:

public ActionResult PostComment(string comment)
    return View();

Once we apply ValidateInput with false as displayed in above code snippet, request validation will not fire for this action method. But in such scenario we must ensure that we apply our custom logic to avoid any malicious user input.

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