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June 24, 2012 comment , , , ,

Cascading drop down with knockout.js & ASP.NET MVC

In this basic post, we will see how to build cascading drop down with the help of knockoutjs and ASP.NET MVC. However building cascading drop down with ASP.NET MVC is not a big deal and if we google it out, we will find plenty of solutions and post which demonstrate this. But here idea is to show how we can leverage knockoutjs to create UI which update itself (obviously based on some user interaction) without writing JavaScript which build UI or DOM element each and every time. Later on we can use same technique to build application where UI keep refreshing frequently. Sample can be downloaded from here.

June 2, 2012 comment ,

Does .NET support multiple inheritances?

Yesterday I was asked this very basic question and as it is very much clear that .NET do not support multiple inheritances so I answered no it is not possible. But many people (including reader of this blog and my tech friends) believe that we can achieve multiple inheritances with the help of interface and I was always shocked in past also when someone said that we can do multiple inheritances with interface. So let see why it is not multiple inheritances.

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