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January 20, 2013 comment

ASP.NET MVC: Order of view selection

Few days ago, I and one of my friends were discussing basic of ASP.NET MVC. After some discussion we came on point in which order views are selected. Because there can be more than one view with same name. For e.g. we can have index.aspx, index.ascx, index.cshtml, index.vbhtml and all this can be in controller specific folder as well shared folder. So in which order view is getting selected? Which view has higher priority? So to getting it clearly, quickly I changed action method to return view which does not exists as mentioned below.

January 18, 2013 comment , ,

ASP.NET: JavaScript Source Maps with Microsoft Ajax Minifier

3 days back jQuery announced release of jQuery 1.9. One of the great things with this release is that it is shipped with Source Maps. However in general there are very rare scenarios where we require to debug jQuery but still this would be really helpful to vast community specially contributor.

January 6, 2013 comment , ,

C#: String [Dictionary] encryption with cryptography

In last post, we have seen how we can leverage ASP.NET MVC framework extensibility to handle encrypted query string. After reading that post one reader asked how to encrypt/decrypt query string (i.e. dictionary) in ASP.NET. We had some discussion on post comment and found that after encrypting query string user run in another error "The request filtering module is configured to deny a request that contains a double escape sequence" while using encrypted string as route value. So I thought to write post on string encryption/decryption which discuss precautions before using it as part of URL. However I cant post actual implementation here but we will look in other solution. (I am not much sound in cryptography still we will try to learn together :).)

January 1, 2013 comment ,

ASP.NET MVC Value Provider for encrypted query string

By looking at the post title, it is quite clear that we are about to discuss, query string encryption in ASP.NET MVC application. But I am more interested in demonstrating extensibility of ASP.NET MVC framework and how we can leverage it by plugging our custom logic into ASP.NET MVC life cycle.

As always let me start with scratch, recently I came across a ASP.NET MVC application, where several action method were accepting query string parameter and later we identified that few of them must accept encrypted query string parameter. Along with this I also wanted to make sure that...

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