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October 21, 2013 comment ,

Step by Step Guide: Create, Publish & Monitor a Windows Azure Website from Visual Studio 2013

With the release of Visual Studio 2013, now we can Create, Publish & Monitor Windows Azure websites from within Visual Studio itself without opening Windows Azure portal. So far it was possible to publish directly Azure website from Visual Studio 2012 but with this release it is even easier to create & monitor Azure website from within Visual Studio. All you require is only to have Windows Azure Subscription. If you have not subscribed to Azure service then you can subscribe for free trial from here. This whole post is divided in three sections, Creating Azure Website, Publishing to Azure Website & Monitoring Azure Website from Visual Studio 2013.

October 20, 2013 comment ,

Visual Studio 2013 : Getting Started with One ASP.NET Project

Day before yesterday Microsoft released Visual Studio 2013. Visual Studio 2013 is shipped with new version of ASP.NET which focuses on One ASP.NET goal. With One ASP.NET, now developer can add MVC and/or Web API controller in Web Form application or vice-versa. This newer version of ASP.NET also include an update to ASP.NET MVC 5, Razor 3, ASP.NET Web API 2, Entity Framework 6 and SignalR 2. Here in this quick post, we will see how to configure project and theme with One ASP.NET.

Yeah still if you have not installed Visual Studio 2013, first download it from here and get it installed.

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