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SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros Review

Last month on 5th Anniversary give away of http://blog.sqlauthority.com/ , I received, SQL Wait Stats Joes 2 Pros book from Pinal Dave. Although I am not a SQL developer but I was very curious to know more about SQL Wait Stats since the June 11, 2011 (day, I attended Pinal Dave’s session on Wait Stats at Community Tech Day, Ahmadabad) as it affect the overall performance of system. As I told I am not SQL developer, so after that day, I could not bother (frankly telling) to look into book when it is published. Luckily, Last month I received book from Pinal Dave on 5th anniversary of his blog. And surprisingly after starting to read it I could not stop it and completed whole book in one seating! And I realized that I could have missed many things if I have not received the book. I would highly recommend all reader of this blog to read this book once. So I thought to write on why this book is special for person who has to deals with SQL server (and of course to convey my gratitude towards Pinal Dave also).

Real world example

One of the best parts of this book is that each and every topic in this book is explained with real life example just like Head First Series except graphical representation. But I am sure examples used in this book are very much easy to understand and uses day to day life example.

Covered Beginner to Advance Level Topic

Another great feature about this small book (110 pages only) is that it starts with beginner level introduction and end with justifying advance level topics. For e.g. Wait Stats on Multi-tasking, external resources, etc.

System Architecture

Apart from exploration of SQL Wait Stats, if you are little interested in knowing Under the hood of system then also this book is useful for you to get started thinking on how actual systems work.

Practical hands-on example

Each chapter of this book is wrapped with ready to use hands on example and exercise so reader can directly use that example on their machine and can get started to explore around it.

Points to Ponder Section

Each chapter of this book is committed (so there is no need of rollback) with "Points to Ponder Section" which include quick review of the points covered in respective chapter and review quiz for a quick refresh.

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